Saturday, August 8, 2015

Preparing Interactive Math Journals

I have used Math Journals for 9 years. The ways I use them have changed over the years as I have become more comfortable with them. Now, I wouldn't know what to do without having them in my classroom.

I have been preparing my Math Journals to start the year. Since I am moving up a grade, I wanted to add to them this year since the children are older.

This is how I have prepared them.

This year, I am using these composition books.Last year, I used spiral notebooks and they worked well. I am using the composition books because I had some left over and the room I moved into had a lot in there already so I didn't have to buy any. I printed a simple label for the front and taped it on.

On the back cover, I put a laminated Hundreds, Tens and Ones chart for the children to write on. I also stuck on a 100 chart sticker. I got the stickers from JoAnn Fabrics in their Teacher section. I got the Hundreds, Tens and Ones chart in the "Math Tools" set I bought on Teachers Pay Teachers. I printed it 2 to a page so they would be smaller.

On the inside cover, I attached the Math Tub of Tools from a set by Reagan Tunstall. You can get to it on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.

Math Tools

I am starting with the money and Odd and Even cards in the Tub of Tools. Money will be a review and our first unit will be on Odd and Even numbers. We will add more tools as the year progresses.

In the inside of the back cover, I used duct tape to attach ribbon to be used as a bookmark. This will make it easier for the children to keep track where their next page is.

This is how I have prepared the Math Journals. Since I teach two Math Blocks, I have made 42 of them. It took a while, but we will be well prepared to start the year right off with our Math Journals.

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