Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Made It

Like most teachers, I have been busy making things for my classroom. Here are some of my "Made It"s.

Made It #1

Here is a picture of a chalkboard  I made for my Centers in my classroom.

I made two of them. They are made from a cabinet door. We recently remodeled our kitchen and I kept the cabinet doors.
To make the chalkboard, I painted the middle part with black chalkboard paint.

My cabinet door was already white. I  hot glued lime green ribbon (hard to see in the picture) where the black chalkboard paint met the white of the cabinet door to create a nice straight line. I also hot glued 2 clothespins to use if I want to hang a paper.

I removed the handle and hot glued some paisley pictures from the Schoolgirl Style set I bought. 
This hid the holes left after I removed the handle.

Made It #2

I bought a small child's toy box/bench at Goodwill last year for $4. It had been painted black. I wanted to give it a makeover to match my classroom. First, I put primer on it.

Then, I painted it lime green.

I painted the top of each post turquoise. Then, I glued a thick piece of foam to the top (recycled from another project). I covered the foam in fabric and stapled the fabric under the top.

I hot glued ribbon along the front and sides.

Made It #3

This is one of the Student Mailboxes I have had for years from Really Good Stuff. It was a dark green color on the outside. Since I am focusing more on lime green and turquoise in my classroom, I wanted to change it. I painted the outside lime green.

I hot glued a white border around the edges and a ribbon on top. I glued the words "Kids' Mail" to the top.

Here they are both together.


  1. I LOVE how you repurposed everything for your Made-Its! I bet they look awesome in your classroom :)


  2. All of your Made Its are lovely and so creative. Love the chalkboard idea and how you made over the mailboxes. The bench, wow. Have a great day~

  3. WOW! You've been super busy. Your Made Its look fabulous!! I used to make trays out of cabinet doors, but I never thought of using them in this way - so creative!! Thanks for sharing such great ideas.
    Are We There Yet?

    1. I like your idea of making trays. I was thinking of trying to make a tray from one of the cabinet doors I have left.

  4. Wow! Love the look of your student mailboxes. They look great!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  5. are so creative! I want everything that you made. I've got mailboxes in my room that could really use some updated love. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. I love all of your made-its. I will be on the lookout for more paisley throughout your classroom.

    My Bright Blue House

  7. Are your mailboxes the cardboard ones from Really Good Stuff? Did you spray paint them?


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