August 8, 2015

Burlap Wreath

I made this burlap wreath for my classroom. I followed this tutorial I found on Pinterest.

This was the first burlap wreath I have ever made. The tutorial was easy to follow.

I added a chalkboard sign. I glued on designs that match my classroom decor.

July 28, 2015

Mesh Wreath with Duct Tape

I made this wreath using the same procedure as I wrote out for the mesh wreath below.
I also added in touches of duct tape. The duct tape is in a bright dots print on a black background.I added buttons and different colored ribbon.

July 26, 2015

Child's Bench Makeover

I bought a small child's toy box/bench at Goodwill last year for $4. It had been painted black. I wanted to give it a makeover to match my classroom. First, I put primer on it.

Then, I painted it lime green.

I painted the top of each post turquoise. Then, I glued a thick piece of foam to the top (recycled from another project). I covered the foam in fabric and stapled the fabric under the top.

I hot glued ribbon along the front and sides.
My students used this bench all last school year and it still looks great.

July 24, 2015

Burlap Embellished Mason Jars

This is a pretty simple DIY. I made these jars for my son's Rehearsal Dinner in May. I made 48 of these jars!

You need: burlap (ribbon or larger width), ribbon, Mason jars and hot glue

If you are using burlap ribbon, you just need to hot glue a length of ribbon around the jar. If you are using wider burlap, just cut it in the width you want. It may fray some, but since we were doing a rustic, country barbeque, it looked great.

Then, glue a length of the ribbon on top of the burlap.

That's it! Really easy.

July 23, 2015

Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Here is a picture of a chalkboard  I made for my Centers in my classroom.

I made two of them. They are made from a cabinet door. We recently remodeled our kitchen and I kept the cabinet doors.
To make the chalkboard, I painted the middle part with black chalkboard paint.

My cabinet door was already white. I  hot glued lime green ribbon (hard to see in the picture) where the black chalkboard paint met the white of the cabinet door to create a nice straight line. I also hot glued 2 clothespins to use if I want to hang a paper.

I removed the handle and hot glued some paisley pictures from the Schoolgirl Style set I bought. 
This hid the holes left after I removed the handle.

July 22, 2015

Making a Mesh Pirate Wreath

This week, I made a mesh wreath for a friend of mine. The first grade where she teaches is going to do a pirate theme next year. I have made a few mesh wreaths in the past year. I really like wreaths and enjoy changing them for the seasons.

I use the directions I found on Pinterest to attach the mesh. It has worked really well for me. Here is the website:

I used pipe cleaners I had on hand. They don't match the mesh but when I tucked them in at the end, they can't be seen.
First I used 2 pipe cleaners for each section in the wreath form. I folded them in half and twisted them to stay on. I put one on the inner section and one on the outer section.

I used the red mesh and attached it every few inches to the pipe cleaner. I went around the inner circle first and then the outer section.

Then, it looked like this.

I used the black mesh on top and alternated pipe cleaners to attach the black mesh. I hot glued red and white ribbon around the wreath, It helped to hide the pipe cleaners.
I added pirate pictures and a sign. 

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