Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I am in the process of switching rooms and grade levels. This is where I am planning to have the students turn in their completed work. 

Do you have a system for students turning in their work? Do they turn all work into one bin or do you have different bins for each subject/class?

I am linking up with Miss DeCarbo for Wordless Wednesday.

 Wordless Wednesday


  1. I have two place kiddos turn things in at- they turn their interactive notebooks into a basket and then other work into a three tiered paper thingy from Ikea! I also have my firsties highlight their name on a roster when they turn things in!
    Flipping into First

  2. I have a one bin that they turn it into. I try to clean it out throughout the day so different assignments aren't all jumbled together. Sometimes too I'll have the students bring their assignments to me in number order so that they're ready to go and not everything is in the bin.

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  3. One bin. It can get a bit overwhelming with different subjects being placed in one bin but it's easier for them because there's only one option when it comes to turning in work... less is more in this case!


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