Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Second Grade

I am very excited to be moving back to Second Grade this year! I last taught Second Grade 8 years ago, which was before the Common Core Standards. I have spent the past couple of months looking over the Common Core Standards and gathering resources. This Summer, I have been busy moving to a new classroom. I posted some pictures in the "My Classroom" section. It is a work in progress.

This blog will focus on the "positivity" of teaching Second Grade. In my "About Me" section, I wrote a little bit of why I want to focus on the positive. Life is short. We might as well try to be happy and have fun.

In the "DIY" section,I will post about crafts and projects I make for my classroom and home. Maybe you will find something there to inspire you. In the "Quotes"section, you will find quotes that are meaningful to me. Inspirational quotes inspire me when I am feeling down or to continue on the way I am going.

This year, I will be teaching Math, Science and Social Studies. I will have 2 different groups each day. I am so excited! I love these subjects. I plan to continue a Guided Math model and improve upon what I have been doing. I just ordered the books Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction and Guided Math Conferences by Laney Sammons. They both had great reviews. I hope to learn many things I can incorporate into my Math block.

I will be posting what I learn, and what works for me, in my Math Block. Maybe you will be able to use some ideas to help in your own classroom.

This quote below is so true. :) I have pinned so many ideas this Summer. Now, I need to go back and choose the ones I want to start working on. I have pinned so many class decorating ideas from so many great classrooms!

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