Thursday, July 23, 2015

Guided Math Part 1

Yesterday, I received the Guided Math books I ordered from Amazon. Here are pictures of them.

So far here is what I learned/reviewed in Chapter 1 of Guided Math:

1. The elements of Guided Math are:
     * Classroom Environment of Numeracy
     * Morning Math Warm-ups & Calendar
     *Whole Group Instruction
     * Guided Math with Small Groups
     * Math Workshop/Centers
     * Conferences with Students
     * Ongoing Assessment

2. "children learn best through active engagement in authentic opportunities" (p.18) 
     I have tried to involve my students in "authentic opportunities", but this is an area I would like to improve. I would like to find resources to help me plan these authentic experiences at their age level.

3. There is a sample Weekly Schedule to help see how this might work in your classroom. I was pleasantly surprised that the author doesn't suggest that you can fit in all the elements every single day. The Schedule provided makes it seem much more manageable.

I'm looking forward to the next Chapter on the Classroom Environment, especially since I am busy setting up my new classroom.

This morning I finished sorting the Math manipulatives in my classroom. My husband made this wonderful bookshelf for me a few years ago to hold all my baskets of manipulatives. I finished transferring the manipulatives into the turquoise baskets I got from the Dollar Tree. I still need to print some labels for some of the baskets.

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