Friday, July 31, 2015

5 for Friday


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I am still busy making things and organizing my new classroom. This week, I made a "No Names" holder for papers that don't have names on them. The white board is actually the front plate of a drawer that we pulled out when we remodeled. The "No" and "Names" labels are printed from a Schoolgirl Style set. I used 1 inch blue ribbon around the edges and I got the blue chevron clothespins from Walmart.

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This is a small metal table that I have had forever. It was done in shades of brown and orange. I spray painted it an aqua color and I am going to see if I have a spot I can use it in my classroom.
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I went up to my classroom this week to work on labeling things. I organized my books and got the labels on the bins. I have most of the Math manipulatives labeled also.

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As I organize my classroom, I have been making labels to go along with my manipulatives. I finished them this week and posted them on Teachers Pay Teachers. I made them in four different chevron colors: turquoise, lime green, blue and gray.

Turquoise Chevron Math Labels
Turquoise Chevron here

Lime Green Chevron Math Labels
Lime Green Chevron here

Gray Chevron Math Labels
Gray Chevron here

Blue Chevron Math Labels
Blue Chevron here

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I have also been researching my family's geneology since my mother died in 2013. She had started the research in the year before she died and I want to finish it for her and our family. This week, I finished making notebooks for one of the lines. I put the line of ancestors in the front and some information about each person. It has been very interesting.

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